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    Admin Application

    Name: Shad Speed
    Steam Name: TheBlueFluffy
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50172851
    Steam Profile: Hive365 | TheBlueFluffy
    How Old are you: 16
    Time on Server: about 1-2 hours
    What days are you on the server: i can be on daily as long as i have a reason to be on.
    Why do you Want to be Admin: So i can help the server and so i can reach the extra properties of being admin, eg - Pills.
    What can you bring to the Server: Fun, More Players and Commitment
    Have you been Admin on other Servers: Yes
    What do you know about ULX/Fadmin: Yes
    What server do you want Admin on : The Sandbox Server

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    one your are not 18 two you do not have 7 days play time on the server



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