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    Dark RP Server Rules

    General Rules
    1. Do not prop minge (Climb,surf,push,kill,block,spam).
    2. Do not RDM (Random Death Match).
    3. Do not RDA (random Arrest).
    4. Respect Admins and other Players at all times.
    5. Drive on the right hand side of the road.
    6. Mic or Chat spam will result in a mute.
    7. Bases must have at least one accessible entrance.
    8. Do not CDM (Car Deathmatch).
    9. Hacking or use of scripts of any kind will result in a perm ban.
    10. Props of excessive size will more than likely be blocked and removed by admins.
    11. Purposeful attempts to lag the server will result in a ban.
    12. Avoid FailRP as much as possible.
    13. Respect fear RP at all times.
    14. Do not remove your car if it is stolen. Get it back through RP.
    15. Advertising other communities or making threats against the server will result in a ban.
    16. Must wait ten minutes between raids.
    17. KOS lines are not allowed.
    18. Do not raid someone while they are building.
    19. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule).
    20. Have fun.
    21. Prostitutes and graffiti artists are AOS ( Arrest on Sight ).
    22. Do not self supply.
    23. Do not ignore or abuse the role of your job.

    Job Specific Rules

    Cop Rules
    1. Do not randomly arrest a player for no reason.
    2. Using the Spike strip for no reason will result in a demotion from the job.
    3. Cops can raid once they have sufficient proof and a warrant.
    4. Do not shoot at someone unless you get shot at.
    5. Do not randomly handcuff someone.
    6. Printers, meth, weed and guns are illegal unless told otherwise by the prime minister.
    7. Randomly stun sticking someone will result in a demotion from the job.
    8. In a pursuit you may ram the offenders car.
    9. Cops can fortify the PD with props.
    10. Cops may set up roadblocks and checkpoints.
    11. Do not warrant someone for no reason.
    12. Cops can own other weapons if they wish.

    Thief / Pro Thief Rules
    1. You may raid the same person as long as you wait ten minutes between each raid.
    2. You may steal from a gun dealer once you /advert Raid.
    3. Every raid or theft must have /advert raid.
    4. Mugging is for a maximum of five thousand per person.
    5. Thieves may work with gangs during a raid but may not base with them.
    6. Do not raid someone while building.

    Graffiti Artist
    1. You may not raid.
    2. You are arrest on sight for cops if caught in the act.
    3. You can base with anyone but may not raid with them.
    4. Try to use your spray can for RP reasons. (Drawing cocks doesn't count).
    5. Do not abuse the spray can.

    1. You may not raid.
    2. You can base with anyone as long as they pay for your services.
    3. You may not offer yourself to cops.
    4. You may not own a car.
    5. You are arrest on sight for cops if caught in the act.

    1. You may not raid.
    2. You may base with anyone but not raid with them.
    3. Using an auto clicker or macro to mine will result in a ban.
    4. Do not randomly hit people with your pickaxe.
    5. Do not sell your pickaxe to non miners.

    Meth Cook.
    1. You may base with anyone.
    2. You may not raid.
    3. You may own a gun to protect your meth.
    4. Do not spam too many ingredients.
    5. You may allow other people to sell your meth.

    Light / Heavy Gun dealer.
    1. You may not raid.
    2. You can hire a security guard for your store but you must pay him.
    3. You can refuse to sell someone with a valid Rp reason.
    4. You must own a shop to sell guns.
    5. Do not self supply.

    Gang Rules (IRA / ISIS)
    1. You may Kill the other gang when A war is declared.
    2. You may raid.
    3. Gangs may not work together.
    4. You may declare a war on cops.
    5. You can base with anyone.
    6. You must follow the agenda of your gang leader.
    7. You may take people hostage.
    8. You can hire other jobs to work with you.
    9. You can refuse to work with certain clients.

    Bounty Hunter.
    1. You may not raid
    2. You may own guns.
    3. You must undertake the contracts.
    4. You are competing against other Hunters. So do not work with them.
    5. Do not kill people who are not on the county board. (This will be checked by admins).
    6. Anyone can place a bounty feel free to inform them with /advert.

    Firefighter / Firefighter Captain
    1. You must attempt to put out fires.
    2. Do not randomly hit people with your axe.
    3. Do not randomly spray your extinguisher around.
    4. You must attend all reported fires / car crashes.
    5. You may not refuse to help someone in need.

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